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About Us

PT. SEI LIPUT PERDANA is a private company engaged in the maintenance, procurement and installation of spare parts and modernization of elevators, escalators and travellators all brands throughout Indonesia and has now become a support pathner of public facilities and transportation within buildings such as Mall, Apartement, Hotel, Government Building and Airport.

PT. SEI LIPUT PERDANA is committed to making customers as the building king and the quality of goods is adjusted with set on this unit so that the elevators, escalators and travelaators we maintain can be long lasting and safe to use.

Supported by qualified and experienced technicians for more than 10 years so we are assured

Why Us?

  • Partner Escalator & Elevator

  • 100% trusted

  • The quality of spare parts is excellent

Marketing Office

3rd Floor Jakarta Garden City Rukan Avenue Blok C8-035 Cakung, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia
: +62-21-2246-1621
: +62-21-2246-1622


Jl. P. Komarudin Raya No.15 Penggilingan Cakung, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia
: +62-21-480.1726 (Ext 13)
: +62-822-1072-3138


Komp. Dargo Indah Plaza B/1 Semarang Jawa Tengah - Indonesia
: +62-243-5614-19 (Hunting)
: +62-821-1622-2217